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Soorty Enterprises

Services Provided

Website Design and Development, Visual Design, Towards Minus Zero Waste Project Collaboration

We worked on an innovative, contemporary website for Soorty, one of Pakistan's largest denim manufacturers and exporters. Our approach focused on utilizing large visuals and concise text to create an impactful user experience.

Towards Minus Zero Waste: A collaborative living space initiative by Soorty x Living Tailors, showcased the Emergency Greenhouse project at Dutch Design Week 2019.

The Emergency Greenhouse aimed to create a practical yet provocative solution - a tent designed to confront the urgent realities of climate change. Drawing inspiration from 1970s global initiatives, we advocate a return to essentials. In envisioning a post-apocalyptic scenario where self-sufficiency is vital, "The tent" serves not only as shelter but as a versatile device adaptable to various climates. Crafted from repurposed fabrics from Soorty Enterprises, it embodies sustainability and innovation, all while sporting a stylish denim exterior.

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