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Living Tailors believes that the communication process is a cycle. The message is hidden in the design and it should be seen in every corner of the creation you want to build. Too abstract?

Let's shape it a little. Speaking imaginary, let's say that you would like to open a restaurant. From its decoration to the menu, from its website to its logo, the design in each layer should work together as a group, in perfect harmony with what your brand is saying, continued by your promotional activities.

Too complex?  Let us help you.

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We hold a strong experience in communication, marketing, branding, advertising, and public relations including exhibition, experience and event management, promotional activities, visual design, graphic design & application, social media communication, website design as well as 2D/3D digital visual designs, and spatial design with a unique art direction.



Brand Identity

Meets our imagination.


The impact you will create is hidden in your brand identity. Driven by your vision and mission, we can create the perfect combination for your brand identity. Starting with its logo, combined with the other design elements like Typography, Tone of Voice, Color Palette, and Visual Style, we can create the perfect harmonization for your brand identity, to serve you for years to come.



Website Design

Blended by our creativity.


Your website will be your digital identity, telling its visitors who you are. We design a unique online presence for you to show your reliability, connecting you with the right audience. Having the elements from your Brand Identity, your website will make your message even stronger. Thus, you will have all of the functions that you will need, always keeping the importance of ease of use in our minds.



Additional Branding

Mastered by our detail-oriented approach.


Your brand. Details. Your brand. Details. Your brand and its details = Consistency.
Creating new collateral for your brand will serve to have a seamless tone and experience across all platforms, in order to connect the dots with each other that will ensure the recognisability of your brand.



.Business cards

.Swing Tags

.Posters & Flyers



.Corporate Stationery Templates 

.Catalogues, Brochures & Magazines


.Marketing Material




.Newsletters & EDM Designs

.Online Advertising Visuals

.Digital Banners

Social Media

.Social Media Management

.Social Media Campaigns

.Unique Content Creation

.Style Guides




UI Design

Digital world calling... Your new home is your new app.


While the world is getting more digital day by day, neither you nor us can deny the ruling value of mobile applications. Without a mobile app, you're half-alive. We can create the design of your user interface, having the breeze of your brand identity, glossing all little pieces of your app. Your UI Design will draw people in your app and will keep them there, only if they enjoy using it, and then they will start to recommend your app to their network who will become your loyal customers.



Interior Design

The feeling that we sometimes all have, thinking ourselves as the best decorators. sounds familiar? But, well...


As Living Tailors, we do not only focus on your digital design needs. We want to be there for you when it's time to create the decoration of a place you are planning to build up. This place can be a restaurant, an office, a cafe, a house or even an art gallery, anything that you need. Continuing with the idea that the communication process is a cycle for us, the decoration of your place will play it's role when the time comes. We are not only meaning the big pieces when we are saying that we can decorate your place. The other way round, we can be there for you even for the tiny details of your place, yes, even choosing the tableware of your restaurant.